Manufactured in a modern ultra factory especially built for this purpose, the products " prêts à garnir " that you will discover on this quotes are with the point of quality.

The requirement of master craftsman (become industrial by passion of quality) there is for much. It indeed knew to industrialise the traditional process of the " prêts à garnir " which it manufactures today on a large scale.

Quality of the raw materials, respect of the best traditional receipts, turn of hand of the master pastrycook, all is joined together to obtain products of great quality. It is the force of a craftsman who chooses to him even his raw materials an jealously maintains the secrecy of his receipts.

Automation, computerised regulation, individual quality control of each product : they are the assets of a great regularity in the production, and what there is the best in industrialisation.

Quality & Regularity. Both are joined together in this very broad line of goods " prêts à garnir " which will make honor with your reputation, while saving to you time and money !